Buying Tips

  1. Initial interview to clarify approach to the search:
    1. Over view of the market in the price range and areas,
    2. Make sure that the buyer has gotten pertinent info from a lending institution as well as a lawyer,
    3. materials are downloaded on a regular basis for the buyer
  2. My credentials include a Canadian Employee Relocation desigation (further training that serves as a "refresher" course to keep important information in the forefront)
  3. Real Estate Association's course once a year to refresh our minds as to the current market trends/legal concerns to keep us on track so that a buyer can be made aware of issues as they may/may not apply to their situation
  4. Explanation of "AGENCY": legal jargon for "My Responsibilities to the Buyer" Although this is included in the 2 above mentioned courses, there is a pamphlet that is given to explain the responsibilities.
  5. Privacy of information: explanations as to the impact this has on the relationship between myself and the buyer
  6. The buyer also has to know what their responsibility is as far as checking the property. Although the responsibility of the seller is paramount, the buyer still needs to be made aware of this so that there is no confusion
  7. I prepare the buyer for the fact that this process is meant to be a good experience, and in spite of the psychological mechanism of "Buyers' Fright", it is part of my job to lend moral support and an environment that does not breed confusion.